Thursday, June 23, 2011


 GENIE BRA - HOW DOES THE GENIE BRA WORK is currently featuring the Genie Bra and also has Genie Bra reviews for those looking to buy the popular infomercial bra. Currently the Genie Bra has an offer where you can get 6 of their amazing bras for just $59.99. If you've read any information on the Genie Bra or most Genie Bra Reviews you'll find that the Genie Bra is woven from everlast technology which means this material forms to the contours of your body regardless of your body type. If you're a large woman or petite you'll find having the Genie Bra to be both comfortable and supportive.

To purchase your needed size when ordering the Genie Bra, you select it based on your clothing size. However if you're looking for more of a supportive Genie Bra then you'll want to purchase a size smaller. Then Genie Bra benefits allow women to not have to deal with uncomfortable hooks, under wires, adjustable straps and the back bulge. Most women who wear the Genie Bra will find that they will get a naural lift with the soft full coverage lift cups that will give you a more youthful look. The bras wide comfort lift and support is what prevents it from creating any back bulges or rolls.

You can wear the Genie Bra as a camisole, a sports bra, just a top or a bra as intended. The Genie Bra gives you the benefits of different types of Bras so you'll get the comfort of a sports bra, the style of a camisole and the support of an underwire bra. You'll find both comfort and style with the Genie Bra.


When you're wearing the Genie Bra you'll look younger and lifted instantly as this bra gives you a more perkier look from it's woven everlast stretch fabric.  Genie Bra handles great in the wash and it will never lose it's shape, so no special washing instructions needed since you can just throw the Genie Bra into your wash with the rest of your laundry.

Currently the Genie Bra comes in a set of black, nude and white. The current special tv offer is selling the Genie Bra for $59.99 which includes a set of 6 Genie Bras. For more information on the Genie Bra and Genie Bra Reviews just visit

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